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About Just for You
Healthcare and how it is provided will be changing as well as the requirements for healthcare providers and consumers.
AS we look at the future of health care in America, disease prevention and health promotion will be the focus

Health care promotion and prevention contribute a large portion of health care reform How this will work, specifically towards healthcare consumers, appears to be a trend towards healthier lifestyles, diet, nutrition, and improved state of mind. As a registered nurse and board certified RN health coach, not only will we team together to create the healthy lifestyle you would like but, I will continue to support you though this change. I will be there following you and assisting you over the many stumbles and roadblocks that may happen on your journey and help you be successful

There is a growing number of individuals that want to become more active in their own health. Research has shown that the use of integrative, holistic healthcare, combined with traditional healthcare,  has been more successful than the use of traditional western medicine alone in chronic disease. I have been a practicing registered nurse for 25+  years, integrating traditional medicine with holistic care. I bring that experience to help educate individuals in the choices they have and help them find the one that fits them best.
As a health coach you are in control of your health and changes you want to make. I will support your choices, as we move towards your health goal together.

No time for making the commitment to change? Busy schedules and off hours make it difficult for all of us to complete everything we have started or would like to start.
I can help answer questions and coach you from the comfort of your own home or office,  at times that are convenient to you.