Just For You ~ Integrative Health
What is integrative health?

Just for You: Integrative Health
Melissa Sperry MSN, RNc, NC-BC, CNE, CNOR
Certified Health Educator and Nurse Coach
Certified Tai Chi for Better Balance Instructor

Integrative health combines the  evidence based practice of  traditional western medicine and alternative modalities to help you achieve your health goals.  Using an integrative technique I can help create a personalized plan individualized to meet your distinct needs.
Change takes time. As your health coach I will walk with you, as you lead me, through the changes that are important to you. Having support and encouragement during change is vital to your success and I will be there for you.
To provide alternative, healthy lifestyle promotion and disease prevention education.
To provide coaching and education that will empower the individual and community to take a proactive approach to their own healthcare needs.

Personal Beliefs
I Believe In:
• Responding to the needs of individuals and communities, to promote wellness and disease prevention in a holistic manner;
• Providing excellent care through multiple levels of service and modalities in selected locations; referring to higher levels of care as necessary.
• Providing a safe environment that enhances each individual's awareness of their health condition, treatment options, and empowerment to make the changes important to them.
​P​reserving dignity, security, comfort, and peace of mind. Coaching to allow them to be proactive in their healthcare choices.
• Providing a balance between security and independence for individuals and community which assists in achieving and maintaining the highest achievable mind, body and spiritual well-being.

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Changing a behavior is difficult. It takes 4-6 weeks to start a change and at the minimum 6 months for the change to become a new daily habit. Using a concept founded on the evidence based practice of change readiness we will work towards your goals, one step at a time. Recognizing that you would like to make a change is the first and biggest step towards achieving your goal.